7-Figure Secrets from FHL 2020 Legends – Ayelet Shipley

Last night I had the pleasure of hosting and moderating a Clubhouse Room with (4) legendary speakers straight from the Funnel Hacking Live stage. If you missed this one, you certainly missed out…so, I wanted to share some of the inspiration, motivation and education we received from Ayelet, Marley, Steve and Gabe! Ayelet shared that her word for the last six months has been “Listen”. She has been actively listening to what her market is saying and paying attention so that she can learn, grow and respond. When asked how she prepared for FHL 2020 and what changed after her time on stage she referenced this photo and how much she appreciates it so I wanted to also share it with you.

You can connect with and contact Ayelet here: www.anxietysecretstoolbox.com

Recap Post 1/4

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