Celebrate Your Progress…And My Birthday

Yesterday I posted about Progress Not Perfection and the importance of not fixating on perfection but rather focusing on progress. Progress is something that we can all accomplish every single day. Yep, I said it…EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Admittedly, some days it will feel like you have crawled an inch and other days like you ran a mile. The moral of the story is you can reflect back on any day and identify how you have made progress. Accomplish a task…check. Set a new goal…check. Considered a new strategic path for you or your business…check.

This is of critical importance for a number of reasons. Progress, no matter how big or small, is a win and it feels great to win. Once you start considering progress a win you get that sense of pride and that rush of joy inducing endorphins that feel OH SO GOOD! You are going to want more of that feeling so your motivation and dedication are sustained and, dare I say, INCREASE. That’s right…your spark just lit a fire. This cycle is self sustaining and before you know it you are a well oiled machine of making progress and crushing goals!

Now, go list all the progress you have made today (or better yet this week) and have a cool refreshing beverage to celebrate your accomplishments (and my birthday).


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