How To Talk with Your Kids About Racism

In this video I am joined by life long educators Jamie and Jason. Jamie is originally from Arlington, Texas where she studied and taught dance to children and adults beginning in 1999. She transitioned into Early Childhood Education after having her boys.

Jason hails from Maryland and has been an educator and coach for 18 years. The couple met in Southern California in 2009 and moved to North Dallas in 2017. They both teach at private schools in the Dallas area.

In addition to being educators, Jason and Jamie have two beautiful sons Isaiah | Age 6 and Dominic | Age 4. In this episode we hear a little about their journey as an interracial couple and family as well as their experience as educators. We discuss talking with your children about tough topics like racism, injustice and inequality and answer questions such as how you should respond to your child’s questions about differences they observe. Jamie and Jason provide us with guidance on what to say (and in some cases what not to say), how to react and resources to use as we endeavor to educate our children and ourselves.


Erin Dowell, JD | A tremendous website and blog for information on social justice and equality efforts for adults and children
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