May 6, 2020

The Qualities of a Great Leader

Live Conversation Series – Episode 003

Kaci is a an educated and experienced professional with a degree in Business Marketing and her MBA. A former professional photographer and performance coach hand selected by Russell Brunson she is now a self proclaimed relationship marketer and the co-founder of Amplify My Impact and is committed to helping others turn their passion into successful and scalable businesses.

In this video, Kaci and I talk about leadership. We start by defining leadership and discuss the varying types of leadership and how they may vary for professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs. We continue by exploring the growth and evolution of leadership, highlight the difference between a boss and a leader and finally, we identify that being a great leader often times means balancing the “tension of opposites” between two competing qualities. Incidentally, we tell some stories and have some fun along the way too.

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Kaci has generously offered to share her Brace for Impact E-Book with my audience. If this topic, video and Kaci’s insight resonated with you and you want a little help with your leadership and impact, fill out the form below and I will send along her e-book right away!

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Video Transcript

Coming Soon.

May 6, 2020


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