Live Listening Series


Episode 004 | How to Talk with Your Kids About Racism

A Conversation with Jamie & Jason

In this video I am joined by life long educators Jamie and Jason. Jamie is originally from Arlington, Texas where she studied and taught dance to children and adults beginning in 1999. She transitioned into Early Childhood Education after having her boys.

Jason hails from Maryland and has been an educator and coach for 18 years. The couple met in Southern California in 2009 and moved to North Dallas in 2017. They both teach at private schools in the Dallas area.

In addition to being educators, Jason and Jamie have two beautiful sons Isaiah | Age 6 and Dominic | Age 4. In this episode we hear a little about their journey as an interracial couple and family as well as their experience as educators. We discuss talking with your children about tough topics like racism, injustice and inequality and answer questions such as how you should respond to your child’s questions about differences they observe. Jamie and Jason provide us with guidance on what to say (and in some cases what not to say), how to react and resources to use as we endeavor to educate our children and ourselves.

Episode 003 | Let’s Talk About Making A Difference

Educate. Donate. Act

I have been reflecting quite a bit on the recent conversations I have had with Chris and Shelby regarding Racism, Pride, Black Lives Matter and other social injustices. I reached back out to them as well as other friends and associates that are African American, People of Color and members of the LGBTQIA+ community to further consider the best ways to Educate, Donate and Act to ensure we can impact positive changes in our lives and the lives of those that have experienced and battled inequality for far too long!

Episode 002 | The Power of Pride – LGBTQIA Rights and Black Lives Matter

A Conversation with DJ Shelby Haun

In this Live Listening Series episode we begin with Shelby, a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, sharing her story with us. From there we take a trip back in time to New York City in June of 1969 to discuss the infamous Stonewall Riots. We compare and contrast the protests and riots of that time to the ones that we are experiencing today. We further identify the organizations whose origins can be traced back to these outcries for social justice and equality and how much they share in common. (Gay Liberation Front and Black Lives Matter)

Episode 001 | The Tough Conversation That Needs To Happen

A Conversation with Christopher Harmon Jr.

This week I am joined by Christopher Harmon Jr of Harmland Visions LLC with the hope and expectation that, based on the recent events, we can have the tough conversation about racism. Until now, the title of this series has been the Live Conversation Series. That doesn’t really well represent the intention of this episode do I have titled this one the Live Listening Series. I realize more than ever how important it is that we support those that have a voice that needs to be heard. I am committed helping amplify those voices and their stories through this platform.