Live Conversation Series


Episode 006 | Perseverance, Perspective and Emotional Intelligence
in Uncertain Times

A Conversation with Kelly Simants SHRM-SCP

In this episode I was joined by my long time friend and associate Kelly Simants SHRM-SCP. With over 20 years of experience in the Human Resources field and a serial entrepreneur in the events industry she has seen her fair share of uncertainty; however, it is her personal story that truly illustrates her grit and perseverance in the face of overwhelming adversity. Over this hour we also explore the importance of emotional intelligence, acknowledging your failures and embracing vulnerability!

Episode 005 | Dealing with the Emotional & Financial Stress
in the Events Industry

A Conversation with Leah Weinberg

In this episode I am joined by Leah Weinberg, Owner & Creative Director of Color Pop events a New York City based wedding and event planning firm. Under normal circumstances coordinating and executing weddings and events is stressful and requires considerable amounts of patience and understanding. As our industry navigates a world collectively battling a global pandemic, we identify and discuss many of the reasons that event professionals need to seriously evaluate and maximize their level of empathy. One of the chief challenges that many clients and event professionals are battling is the financial stress and resulting anxiety felt as we face an uncertain future. Join us as we share some of the ways that you can ensure you are the very best version of yourself for your clients while still establishing boundaries so they can rely on you for as long as this crazy ride continues.

Episode 004 | Should You Pivot Your Business Model During the Pandemic

A Conversation with DJ Rob Baker

DJ Rod Baker is a 26 year veteran of the wedding and events industry as a DJ and an Emcee.  He crushed 2019 with 85 events as a single op DJ.  His vast experience contributes to his uniqueness and his passion for his work and love for the industry ensures he is not slowing down any time soon.

During this conversation, Rob shares his experiences with the ups and downs of the events industry.  We discuss “losing it all”, how to survive in the most challenging environments as well the best way to stay relevant and ensure that you and your brand will thrive as the state of the industry corrects.  Much of our conversation centers on being true to your existing business model and focusing on the fundamentals that have helped you achieve success thus far.

Episode 003 | The Qualities of a Great Leader

A Conversation with Kaci Brown

Kaci is a an educated and experienced professional with a degree in Business Marketing and her MBA. A former professional photographer and performance coach hand selected by Russell Brunson she is now a self proclaimed relationship marketer and the co-founder of Amplify My Impact and is committed to helping others turn their passion into successful and scalable businesses.

In this video, Kaci and I talk about leadership. We start by defining leadership and discuss the varying types of leadership and how they may vary for professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs. We continue by exploring the growth and evolution of leadership, highlight the difference between a boss and a leader and finally, we identify that being a great leader often times means balancing the “tension of opposites” between two competing qualities. Incidentally, we tell some stories and have some fun along the way too.

Episode 002 | How To Create a Brand You Are Proud Of

A Conversation with Shawn Willis

Shawn is the owner and chief creative at 806 Designs.  He is an artist, designer and digital marketing expert. We sat down to discuss how to create a brand you are proud of. Before you create your Brand (the noun) Shawn stresses the importance of taking a step back and asking yourself a series of questions to determine what your brand persona is and how the various elements of your brand will properly represent that. Creating and auditing your brand can take quite a bit of time and energy…but it is totally worth it.

Episode 001 | Dealing with Anxiety in Traumatic Times

A Conversation with Ayelet Shipley

Ayelet has her bachelors degree in psychology and is graduating from NYU with her masters degree in social work. Throughout her decade long battle with anxiety and depression, Ayelet identified and utilized tools to help her deal with these mental health challenges. She is now dedicated to helping others do the same. She hosts a podcast titled “Get Out of Bed, Out of Your Head” and coaches entrepreneurs so they can achieve their goals!

During this 30 minute interview we:
– Identify and discuss chronic trauma and how to deal with it.
– Define Anxiety and Depression and some of their common symptoms
– Review practical ways to combat these challenges personally and how we can help others do the same.