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You’re Not Alone

NACE Chapter Leaders All Over The

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– Shrinking Membership Numbers, Meeting Attendance & Engagement

– Boring Education That Your Audience Has No Choice but to Talk Through

– Hiring a Speaker That Your Audience RAVES About
(So You Bring Home All The Awards)

Your Board Can Stop Worrying Because I’m Looking to Visit NACE Chapters in 2022


Sessions Have Been Known To Cause Participants To:

Embark on an epic journey of self discovery

Find & accept their truest self

Unearth & unleash their maximum impact

Love unconditionally & live unapologetically

Don Mamone


Identity Coach | Speaker

Hi!  I’m Don Mamone and my pronouns are they/them.  As a twenty five year veteran of the hospitality industry I recognize that it’s a first in, last out doing whatever it takes to get the job done kind of career.  It’s not for the faint of heart and yet here we all are.  Some say we’re crazy and they may just be right but I say we’re crazy smart because we know something they don’t.  Hospitality is a one-of-a-kind industry that is more of a family than anything else.  Never has this been more evident to me than in the last year.  Since coming out as non-binary I’ve received an ourpouring of love and support from nearly everyone and especially from my NACE family.  

Recently, I focused a great deal of my energy and efforts toward unraveling and better understanding my experience as well as preparing to share my journey with anyone that has struggled with a lack of confidence, feeling as if they are not enough and self-limiting beliefs because my journey to identify freedom has shown me and all the ways life changes for the better when we unburden ourselves of all that fear, guilt, shame, doubt, and judgement imposed on us by others and reinforced by ourselves.


Identifying as non-binary uniquely positions me to share the importance of gender identity, diversity, equality and representation in our industry, the association, your business and throughout society.  And, my journey of self-discovery has taught me how to coach others to love themselves (and others) unconditionally and live unapologetically as they design the life and business they truly want to create.


I live happily outside the gender binary in Dallas with my beautiful and talented spouse Emily and my creative child Frankie where we continue to own and operate a successful photography studio focused on exceeding the expectations of our corporate, nonprofit and commercial clients.  As a Hall of Fame member of the DFW Chapter of NACE for over a decade I am immensely proud of the community our members have created locally and as an award winning past president of this chapter I am excited to support our other chapters throughout the nation by bringing them brag-worthy content to their meetings.  I look forward to raising a glass and celebrating YOU!

Audience Love

Don’t Take My Word For It, Take Theirs

Don’s personal story made this session and topic much more relatable, versus a speaker explaining what non-binary is. They couldn’t have done a better job explaining it, making it make sense and making those that still have questions comfortable asking them.

Proud of NACE as an organization for holding space for these important conversations. And very grateful to Don for trusting with their story, sharing with us all and facilitating these conversations.

Absolutely outstanding & powerful. They were passionate, raw & captivating. It was an honor to listen to the program.

Loved how they made the space safe to ask questions to better position us to excel not only in work, but as humans.

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