Everyone has a coming out story.  It’s the quintessential moment when fear turns to courage, doubt turns to certainty and shame turns to pride.  When we step bravely into BEING who we are and we unapologetically say to the world, “THIS IS ME!”.

Your Story Tour was conceived by Don Mamone in 2021.  After four decades of denying and hiding who they truly were and fueled by the love for their new-born daughter, Don courageously came out as Non-Binary and committed themself to unconditional self-love and an unapologetic life.  A celebration of the diversity of all humanity, the importance of representation for all and the unquestioned validity of each of us, Your Story Tour is an opportunity for everyone to share their story as a first step toward acknowledging and accepting their true identity.


Are You Ready To Share Your Story?

We know it can be daunting to share your story with the world and we encourage everyone to do it in their own time, at their own pace and in their own way. If you believe you’re ready and that Your Story Tour is right for you, we’re here to listen. Make the first move by completing the simple Your Story Tour application below and we’ll take it from there.