Don Mamone

I’m a business consultant, keynote speaker and professional photographer with a specialty in helping creative and hospitality businesses grow, refine and scale their services. I genuinely want to know how I can help you reach your goals!


10 years ago, I was working with one of the world’s biggest hotel chains. I loved the hospitality industry and how it allowed me to bestow the very best service upon my clients. Overnight, though, the project I was working on suddenly disappeared. While I’d been practicing corporate event photography as a part-time passion, I never thought I was ready to go full time. This event changed everything. I had to make a choice to either commit 100% to photography, or to hunt for a new corporate job. I chose to hustle. 

I took the full-time leap into my own photography business, The Mamones, along with my wife Emily. Nervous about supporting our family on meager beginnings, I did the only thing I knew how: I launched himself into my local community. Starting with committee involvement in NACE, I devoted my time and my heart to connecting with events professionals. I genuinely invested my time and effort into the success of the people I met.


Before long, business was booming. Over the last 10 years, I paid for only one ad and have never showed up on the first page of Google. Instead, I achieved success by focusing my entire marketing investment in personal relationships. By building a vibrant loyal community through a strong relationship marketing strategy, my full-time business has thrived and supported my family for 10 years.


When you support the growth of professionals in your community and fiercely focus on the customer experience, success is inevitable. You don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on the latest marketing avenue for your business to thrive. Any business can achieve consistent success by giving to the community. I can show you how!