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Keynote Speaker

You have a discerning audience and I have a compelling message.  That just sounds like a match made in heaven, doesn’t it?  But, how can you be sure?  We’ve all heard of, or worse yet personally experienced, a time when hopeful expectation gave way to utter disappointment.  The idea that you might just possibly hire a bland, boring, yawn-inducing keynote speaker is enough to plague your waking hours and rip you from your peaceful slumber in a cold sweat. 

As a sought after motivational keynote speaker, I mastered the ability to own the biggest stages.  Most importantly, I connect with each member of even the largest audiences when I share my story and message transparently and vulnerably.  As a result, I create spaces where people feel seen and safe to open their minds and hearts to discover who they truly are and what they really want.

You want to cross finding an epic keynote speaker off your to-do list so that your attendees are buzzing about the profound impact of their time at your event.  Evidently, there’s only one thing left for you to do.  When you’re ready, make the first move and I’ll take it from there.

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Keynote Topics

Keynote Topics

The Future is Fluid | Inspirational Keynote About Gender Identity &  Diversity

There are numerous ways to describe it, Gender Fluid, Non-Binary, Gender Queer and yet no possible way to adequatley cover what it means with just a few words. How a person experiences and expresses their gender identity is varied and exactly as unique as that individual. Sounds great, right? WRONG!

Living authentically and unapologetically YOU is truly amazing but achieving that can be exceptionally difficult in our current society. Before these individuals were courageously living their lives outside the gender binary they were likely confused, frustrated and filled with feelings of guilt, shame and fear. It is time for everyone to learn, accept and create an inclusive safe space for any and all gender identities and expressions.

Step Into You | Motivational Keynote About Unapologetic Authenticity

“You Do You, Just Be Yourself, Be Authentic”…BLAH BLAH BLAH. We hear stuff like this all the time on TV, in movies and even from stages just like this one. It’s supposed to be inspirational, and it is, but inspiration will only get you so far and it will only last so long. I mean, it sounds great as a soundbite or marketing tagline but what does that even mean and how the heck do we discover who we truly are and how to live life as truest selves?

In this keynote we break out the big shovels and dig really deep into ourselves so we can unearth our true identities and unleash our potential and impact in our lives and the world around us. So, get ready to roll up your sleeves and do the hard work necessary to find unparalleled clarity, comfort, courage and confidence in everything you do!

The Power of Purpose | Compelling Keynote about Motivation & Courage

There are a number of things in our life that drive us forward but many, if not most, of them come and go based on arbitrary factors that we can’t control leaving us vulnerable to self-sabotage, imposter syndrome, confusion and burnout! Fortunately, there’s an element found inside all of us that we can rely on to relentlessly motivate, guide and protect us from these frustrating and destructive setbacks. OUR PURPOSE. By focusing our attention inward and evaluating our identity, core values and passions we can discover our true PURPOSE and harness the infinite power of that to unleash our super power in business and in life.

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