Identity Coach

Identity Coach

In my role as an identity coach I’ve learned that the simplest questions are the hardest to answer. That’s because two things can be true at the same time. Questions like: What Do You Want and What Brings You Joy can be both simple and yet hard to answer. And, if you think those are challenging, wait until you get to the mother of all questions: Who Are You. I mean, Fuhgeddaboudit.
For the first forty years of my life I lived in denial. At a very young age I realized there was something different about me. Something unique. Something special. But, back then and for a very long time, I didn’t see it as something special or unique, I felt broken. In my head and in my heart, different meant broken. So, I buried my unique really deep and hid my special from everyone. On the outside, I was happy, confident and successful. I ticked all the boxes and in the eyes of others, I fit right in and was right where I belonged. On the inside, I was scared, isolated, and desperately alone. Sound familiar? You’ve gotten really great at being who you’re supposed to be, doing what you’re allowed to do and achieving what’s expected of you. But, we both know that with some deep work, expert guidance and a whole lot of love you can answer those challenging questions and embark on the most important journey of you life, the journey to you.
Here’s to taking bold committed action in relentless pursuit of unconditional self-love and unapologetic authenticity. Here’s to stepping fully into who you are and all that you are capable of. Here’s to becoming an Unapologetic Rebel.

Client Love

You lovely person you!  I have said this often since the beginning of January…I have come so far!  Dare I say, I have grown into loving myself and it is a true belief now.  Radical.  Amazing.  Thank you for being you and radiating across the world!

Coaching Offers

Coaching Offer

Authenticity Audit | Show Up, Shine Bright, Be Seen, Get Paid

Unapologetic authenticity is a way of life and business.  Your brand gets to be an extension of your identity and your marketing an extension of your voice.  However, that’s often easier said than done becuase you’re so close it it.  It’s ok, you’re not alone.  I’ve helped countless businesses become sought after legacy brands and, can do that for you too.

Are you ready to differentiate your brand and elevate it above your competition?  Do you like the idea of increasing leads and improving your conversion rate?  Let’s get intentional and do a comprehensive Authenticity Audit to make sure your brand shines brightly so it’s seen by your ideal audience and your unique marketing voice is loud and clear so it’s heard by your dream client.

Spark Authenticity | Let’s Light a Fire

A couple of hours of focused work (along with a little pre-work and post-work) to advance a specific project, relieve friction, move past a pain point or break through a barrier that’s holding you back…or all of the above

Authenticity Accelerator | Fast & Efficient Growth 

A full day of focused work (with similar but more comprehensive pre-work and post-work) to create ideas for strategic direction and tactical plans to elevate you and your brand to the next level. Think of this as the flight plan and road map for the future growth of your business and your ascension into your Zone of Genius.*

*Note: This session can serve as the fuel for your journey but the driving is up to you.

Authenticity Academy | Elite, Comprehensive  Coaching Program

A 90 intensive one-on-one coaching relationship that will provide the strategic direction, tactical implementation and expert guidance to ensure you have the plan of action and unwavering support you need as you continue on your journey to the very best version of yourself and your brand. Essentially, we will chart the flight plan, design the road map and I’ll be your navigator, co-pilot, mechanic and, of course, your biggest fan, cheerleader & coach.


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Client Love

I have learned so much from you, Coach!

Forever grateful for your words of wisdom, leadership and friendship