New York City Will Always Be a Powerful Character in My Story

"The idea that in this city I could BE exactly who I am on the inside and on the outside was emotionally impactful and empowering. The New York will forever be powerful element in my story based on how it helped me find the clarity and courage I...

Everyone Has a Coming Out Story

"Of course I have a coming out story and I am willing to bet you do too. There’s a moment (or moments) in everyone’s life when they choose to break free of the fear, guilt, shame, doubt and judgment that has held their authentic self hostage. It’s...

Ep. 3.14 | From Academic to Entrepreneur with Dr. Lindsay Padilla

"It wasn't until I fully integrated as a whole and allowed all of me to show up in my business that I think things really truly started to CLICK"— Dr. Lindsay Padilla | Hello Audio, The Wealthy Teacher's Lounge, Build a Better Beta Spoiler alert,...

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